Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heather Behind Lens

For a change I am going to post a selection of eleven pictures taken by my colleague Heather Newby.

Heather is our microfilm camera operator, she is crazy about snapping pictures! Everywhere she went, her "cheap" Canon Powershot A470 is there, snapping away!

She is not worry about mega pixels and all the bell and whistles missing from her little point and shoot camera, she just wanna have fun taking pictures and capturing a slice of memory!!

More of us photographers should be like Heather!

Last week Heather went on a two week break to Greymouth on the west coast of the South Island . They went through Arthur's Pass which is 45 minutes drive from Greymouth.

Her dad`s house is right next to the beach at Greymouth.

Here are a selection of her shots I help edit.

A waterfall at Mitchells, West Coast.

Blaketown Beach at sunset.

Early morning driving at West Coast.

An old barn, Arthur's Pass.

Waimakariri riverbed, along Arthur's Pass.

Approaching Lake Pearson..Arthur`s Pass National Park.

Lake Pearson.

Blaketown Beach, Greymouth.

Lakeside picnic spot, in this weather?

Blaketown Beach at Greymouth.

Frozen Nelson Lakes.

"Nice work, not bad at all for a newbie, Newby!" I commend, tongue in cheek and got this reply:

"My maiden name is the same as my facebook ID... Heather Newby. I`m actually related to royalty. There are villages and bridges and other sundry items/places/pubs in England named after my family so if the queen come to my house when she visits, you can take the official pics."

"The one good thing about my forebears "breaking away from the pack" (the royal family) is that our branch of the family now has chin(s)!"

Ha ha ha...

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heather said...

OMG!LOLOLOL!! trust me! "Heather behind lens" is better than" Heather in front of lens!!(Is there a lens "wide angled" enough?)What a surprise! My pics for the world to see! ha ha.Well written and accurate , except for the "yeah right!"LOL?I have a pic of my blue veins to as proof positive that I am part(albeit distant part) of the royal family.Due to the royal penchant for inbreeding,I firmly believe that if I was born in England I would have been snapped up by Prince Charles!
I`m off now to do a take some pics down the stream walk with the kids.