Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Leica E-P2 Do Landscape

My most popular post "My Leica E-P2" attracted to date, 1,493 Page views. Strangely, no one made any comment on this post; until, I commented myself...

"This is the post with the HIGHEST (1,223 to date) page view, yet NO ONE make any comment! What's the matter with all this people? ;)

Let me point out here, once and for all that I DO NOT receive any money or reward for spending umpteen hours of my OWN TIME writing this blog entries!

I did it for the love and passion of doing it and hope what I wrote will benefit some young photographer somewhere.

And if you people DO NOT comment, I DO NOT KNOW if what I post is of ANY USE to anyone! I cannot improve on it because NO ONE tell me anything!

Ok... enough of my rant! I did get two comments after my outburst and that is constructive!