Friday, January 1, 2010

Welly Pano, 10 years later!

A decade ago, on a cool summer night; I was up at Mt Vic lookout with my family admiring the setting sun at 8.35 pm.

I had with me a tiny Canon S10 digital camera that Canon Malaysia loan me, the 2.1 mega pixel point and shoot was on a small Silk tripod for my first panoramic shot of Wellington.

The seven shots I took were later stitch together with Canon Stitch that came with the camera. The "low resolution" pano was enhanced and work on with Photoshop and I was please with the result.

The "Welly Y2K" pano was like by many who saw the print, through the years I gave it away as gifts to friends, some of the left over prints were sold by a local gallery. there can't be more than 20 of this collectible pano in New Zealand! If you own one, treasure it :)

Wellington Y2K, summer evening, click on picture for a grand view :)