Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Incidental Wedding Photographer

Believe you me, wedding photography is a TOUGH call ;)

In my younger years, when asked; I did wedding jobs for relatives and friend's children. I have not done that for years, DSLR cameras and large aperture lenses seems to get heavier; wedding photographer? No thanks ;)

We are invited to Wei and Sue's wedding ceremony today. Wei Lun is the only son of our good friend Yew Mun and Mei.

As usual, I packed my gear for the ceremony; as usual Le General warned me not to take too heavy a load because "I am NOT going to carry for you!" She usually do ;)

The wedding was held at Walaceville House, Upper Hutt.

The venue is surrounded by luxurious garden, perfect for photography; the weather did not cooperate though and the ceremony was performed indoor.

Our young groom, Wei; has hired two wedding photographers; I noticed they are packing BIG Canon DSLR with HUGE large aperture Canon 35mm f1.4 lens! The perfect available light wonder glass ! You do not want to know the miserable optics I brought with me, but that is another story ;)

As an invited guest at a wedding, I am not there to compete with the official photographer/s. I get out of their way but I still try to get shots different from theirs :) Or better still, shots that they did not get ;)

Wei and Sue have a hearty laugh when Wei make a little boo boo during his vow. The amused celebrant is our good friend Tuk.