Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Auckland Revisited and Mana Ada Sense?

**** "Mana Ada Sense" - a tongue-in-cheek, translate to "Where Got Sense?" or "No Common Sense!"

The last time we were in Auckland I was 60 years young :) It was Feb 2007... and last week end we find ourselves in this busy city again.

We were flying Air New Zealand, our tickets were bought on-line; at our Wellington airport we learn how to check-in ourselves! The wonder of technology!

What do not make sense to us that our local flight luggage allowance was 25 Kg, wheres my sister in laws who are flying MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) to Kuala Lumpur were only given 20 Kg each!

Come now MAS! What is going on? Local flight 25 Kg and international 20? A case of "Mana Ada Sense" ??