Friday, May 6, 2011

傻瓜机 - Camera For The Dummies?

Many moons ago, when the first auto focus compact camera hit the market; Chinese consumers coined this "auto everything" point-and-shoot camera, 傻瓜机 (shǎ guā ji)!

傻瓜机 literally meant "Camera For The Dummy" ;)
Just like the very successful "For Dummies"
series of instructional / reference books, the P&S compact cameras enjoyed immerse popularity!

But unlike "For Dummies" books where you actually learn to do or operate something, the shǎ guā ji taught you nothing; after all; it is just a point and shoot where you just point it at your subject and click the shutter to get a technically perfect picture!

Mind you, not all point and shoots are
shǎ guā ji; there are advanced version of the shǎ guā ji, the like of Power Shot G series which are popular even among the pros.

Unlike the "everything auto" of the
shǎ guā ji, the "advance" family of P&S came with various adjustment and setting, just like their larger brethren; the DSLR.