Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Better Grip for Lumix GM1

I love my little GM1, it is the tiniest full MFT camera that take interchangeable lenses, it is so small, it is hard to hand hold steadily till I found out and stuck on a Richard Franiec custom grip for the GM1!

Four years ago that small piece of 20g anodized aluminium alloy cost me a whopping US$34.95 plus shipping, my friends thought I am mad, paying that much for a small piece of metal! That piece of sculptured alloy was mounted on the GM1 with 3M double-sided tape and transformed the handling of the little camera!

Until, my friend Mity, post in Facebook what he ordered for his GM1!

I ordered one...

I was charged NZD 21.40 and that is free postage to New Zealand!

After a long wait of 23 days, my LB-GM1 Quick Release QR L-Plate Bracket Hand Grip For Panasonic DMC-GM1K Camera arrived from China!

This is how it look on my GM1...

The die-cast grip fit like a glove to the GM1, there is an opening below the grip to allow the removal of the battery and XD card, WITHOUT taking off the grip.

In contrast, the Panasonic DMW-HGR1 hand grip for GM1;GM5 have to be detached for that function and it cost NZD120.00 PLUS postage!

The LB-GM1 grip includes a alloy left holder for attaching accessory (I think), which can be remove with the included Allen keys.

Famous Last Words...

If you own a Lumix GM1 or GM5, this is NZD21.00 well spent!

The well made grip will make the little camera much steadier to hand hold!

Go and order one!

**  The Richard Franiec custom grip has ben discontinued.

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