Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My First Digital Picture With Nikon Fujix E2!

FOUND! My very first picture taken with a DIGITAL (DSLR) camera!

Fast rewind to 1995, I was working as a Picture Editor in Singapore.

In 1994,  professional digital photography was more or less dominated by Kodak and Nikon finally realise the needs of photojournalists/publisher's demand for such tools in professional photography! This prompted Nikon to take an initial effort in developing their fist DSLRs.

"Nikon quietly teamed up with their countryman, Fuji Photo Films Co. Ltd. in developing their first digital SLR body which used Nikon system as the frameworks. 

The partnership made a lot of business sense as both can share the initial high cost in research and development for such a new untested product in the highly competitive market place. 

So, the birth of the E2/E2s was not entirely coincidental as Nikon mentioned in their literature "... E2/E2s were co-developed with Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. All names of companies and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Specifications and equipment based on November 1995..." and it explained partly why the camera also bear a "Fujix" name tag on top of the hand grip section."

- info from mir.com.my