Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Frank...

Frank was my colleague, Frank was Aussie, Frank was my mate.

When we were in London on the 26th April I received a SMS from my boss that ex colleague and good friend Frank has died of a heart attack!

It is still hard to believe that Frank, who played golf everyday and 100 times fitter that me just went like that! It is so unfair!

Frank has been a very caring friend, during our house got flooded, he called constantly to make sure we are alright! Same when my wife and me had our ops. Frank was that type of friend that is indeed rare and hard to find!

All this time we are suppose to meet up with Frank's wife, Serena but the weather has been really mean most weekend; we were on the phone but never get round to meet up!

Then this morning the sun is actually shinning, the weather man was way off his radar :) I called Serena, we are at her place at 12.30 noon; after got lost at a few junctions ;)

Frank and Serena live in Titahi Bay, a 35 minutes drive from where we are. We had nice long lunch at a newly found Chinese restaurant, Top Taste in Porirua. There are a lot of catching up to do!