Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Photoshop!

On 19 February 2010, Adobe Photoshop turns 20!

By now everyone know what Photoshop is! Just Google it and you get 757,000,000 hits, so it is pointless for me to explain what it is :) I just want to remember how this
graphics editing program changed my career path forever.

In 1993 I was head hunted by Singapore Press Holdings and became their first Picture Editor for their Chinese Newspapers Division.

Thanks to the far sightedness of the Group Editor, Mr Loy; who believed in my proposals and approved me starting the first electronic picture desk system!

Was the Straits Times guys jealous! Ha ha ha... to let the Chinese papers beat them to it ;)

I went straight for the Apple Macintosh system instead of PC and we had Photoshop 2.5!

For me desktop computers are something really new! My prior experience of computer was using the Atex system which is pure command line and no graphics at all!