Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nikon D800 is the NEW KING of DxOMark!!

♪♪♪ The news is out, all over town; that you been seen... at DxO Mark! ♫♫♫♫♫♫

In my post on the new Nikon D4, I declared it as the DSLR King. Well, DXO Lab just announced  the Nikon D4 spent only a few days in the top spot for their sensor results before being dethroned by the Nikon D800!

For those that don't know, DXO Mark is:

DxOMark is the trusted industry standard for camera and lens independent image quality measurements and ratings.

The overall DxOMark Score is obtained by combining a series of scores that indicate the image quality of lenses mounted on different camera models.

Yesterday they announced to the world that...

Overall score: 1st (95)

With its 4-point lead, the Nikon D800 has become the new sensor of reference — and with an unmatched quality-to-price ratio to boot: among the 8 top cameras, it is by far the least expensive (with an announced price of less than $3000.

 DXO Mark went further to declare...

Take a look at a sample photo Nikon post on their site!

Impressed?  But wait, lets take a look at some crops...

Watch out multi $$$ digital back!!

"Here the D800 comes close to the quality of the best medium-format sensors: the IQ 180 (26.5 bits) and the P65 Plus (26 bits) are ahead, while the D800 achieves the same score as the P40 Plus.

Even if its resolution is two times smaller than the medium format with the best resolution so far (the IQ180 and its 81 Mpix), the Nikon D800 and its 36 Mpix is a serious contender."     - DXO Mark


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