Sunday, September 27, 2009


WOW, an iconic art event in Wellington announced its 2009 winners last week.

What is this WOW?

WOW stands for World Of Wearableart, it is a show like no others; it's official web site described the show as, and I quote:

"Step into a world where art and the human form combine, where dance, music an lighting tell a story of the body as a canvas, where the lines of fashion and art blur and merge as one."

I never attended a WOW show, not that I cannot afford the $150 ticket; I did not go because I am NOT allowed to take pictures during the show. So I don't see the point of going. ;)

We were at the FREE Air New Zealand sneak preview at Frank Kitts Park last Saturday, sadly; the 30 minutes show was lack lustre and the FIVE MINUTES sneak preview costumes were a far cry from what to be expected of the real show!