Monday, September 6, 2010

A Japan Festival!

Half of the population of wellington seems to flock there when there is a Japan Festival in town!

We know the Sunday's spring weather was nasty, getting a park near the town hall venue was impossible; but we went anyway :)

According to Asia:NZ On Line , "Bring all the family to experience a genuine taste of Japan at the Wellington Town Hall. Sample scrumptious sushi while watching mochi in the making. Marvel at the antics of the visiting Chin-Don Ya group of street musicians from Japan.
Great entertainment ranging from high-energy Japanese martial arts to the quiet beauty of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony."

Well, because of other commitment we only saw part of the festival; but it was fun never the less!

Jack Up News Picture

Saturday's devastating earthquake in Christchurch created a "field day" for the photojournalists, hundreds if not thousands of news pictures are being shot and transmitted around the world to record and show the extend of damages in this disaster.

Yet, the Sunday Star Times on their September 5 edition splashed this huge photo on their FRONT PAGE.

A jack-up picture? There are hundreds of good, story telling NEWS PICTURE and the Sunday Star Times had to resort to a POSED picture to lead a earth shaking news event? ;)