Sunday, December 6, 2009

My GMT-Master

After a long wait of FOUR WEEKS, my Rolex GMT-Master finally came back from Singapore!

My friends laugh at me when I tell them I miss my watch!

"It is just a bloody watch, a watch to tell time!" Sigh ;( They just don't understand, this "watch"; a superlative chronometer to be exact has been on my wrist since 1988! Been everywhere with me, ticking accurately at 28,800 BPH (Beat Per Hour). Since I bought it in 1988, it has beat none stop, without complain; a whopping 52,9804,8000! That is FIFTY THREE MILLION beats!!

In comparison my heart only beat an average of 9,3819,6000, slightly more than nine million time!

"Just a watch?" DUH!

I still remember, it was like yesterday in 1988; my family and me were getting ready to move to Wellington, New Zealand. I always wanted a Rolex, but it is just a dream to a "lowly paid" Picture Editor of a local newspaper. Especially when the paper I work for was CLOSED by the Malaysian government!