Sunday, June 13, 2010

Travel Cameras

After seeing what I shot on our recent Europe trip, I was asked what are the best cameras for travel.

The trouble with such question is that everyone have different requirement and travel destination! So let me just tell you what made me bring for my last trip.

In 2010 a good travel camera will have the following quality:

1) It must be relatively light weight.
2) Take interchangeable lens.
3) Digital, with video.
4) Larger sensor than a point & shoot.
5) Able to shoot RAW.

Well, all my film cameras; including my Leicas are OUT!

My trusted Nikon D300 failed 1) and  3)!

Point 1) is very important because we had been warned by May-N that there will be A LOT of walking! Last thing you want is to lug a heavy DSLR and lenses while you try to break the 200,000 steps per day record in London!