Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is Nikon 1 V1 the one?

After a L-O-N-G wait, like Johnny Come Lately; Nikon finally waded into the mirrorless- lens-swapping game with their new Nikon 1 system.

According to Nikon...

Nikon Inc. today announced a revolutionary new digital imaging system built from the ground up to empower users with new ways to tell stories through photography, driven by imaginative next-generation technology.

The iconic new Nikon 1 system is designed to become one with the user and their lifestyle, providing a unique form of expression with amazing image quality, speed and portability.

Huh? That's a mouth full, but being a Nikon fan boy myself; I can't say I am not excited what Nikon have to offer :)

There are two model in the Nikon 1 range...