Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Samoa's 50th Anniversary Of Independence Lunch

We received an invitation from our colleague Leiseane Timu...

Talofa lava - Hello,

On behalf of the Samoan colleagues of both Desktop Imaging and New Zealand Micrographic Services we would like to invite you to partake in a meal to celebrate the 50th year Anniversary since Samoa became an Independent State.

The official date is the 1st of June whereby it will be celebrated in Samoa (and worldwide) for a whole week (another reason for another “public holiday”). We have decided to do this on Monday, 11th June at 12.30pm in the tearoom.

We hope to see you there – all that is required from you is an appetite and maybe a smile (we will also cater for vegetarians too).

Manuia le aso – have a great day!