Friday, March 21, 2014

LCD Shade For Lumix GM1

By now, you would have notice I like to take the little Lumix GM1 wherever I go, it is my perfect pocketable point n shoot with great IQ (image quality)!

My friend asked me what are the features that I do not like about this small wonder, well there are TWO that actually irritate me; the rest, I can live with ;)

Actually, both of the irritations have to do with the LCD screen!

Mind you, that 3" screen is sharp and accurate; except it CANNOT tilt and on numerous occasion, while shooting out on a sunny day; the screen has so much reflection that I cannot even frame my shots!

My second irate on the screen is the focussing "square" always move to a different location, this happen because your fingers accidentally touch the screen when the camera is turn on!

Unlike my OM-D, I can actually turn off the touch-ability of the screen!