Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soul Of Our Nation - The Book

In 1997 I became a Frequent Flyer (NZ-KL) and rejoined The Star, the third time; as their Picture Editor.

That year I was told that the bosses wanted to give something "meaningful" to the guests and VIPs at our annual birthday celebration, they have decided on a pictorial coffee table book depicting the unique multiculturalism of Malaysia.

A picture book that is like a culture melting pot, where each different uniqueness of different race share their cultures and customs; for the whole word to see.

You can't receive a more meaningful souvenir than that!

A project of this size & scope requires much planning and organization. I will have to work closely with scores of reporters and writers and we have to travel to different parts of Malaysia to capture the various events.

It is an honor to be selected for a coffee-table book celebrating the Malaysian heritage!