Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scarabaeus Camera Holster

Holster - noun, a sheathlike carrying case for a firearm, attached to a belt, shoulder sling, or saddle.

For a long time I realised carrying a camera round your neck for a long time can result in a bad sore neck, you secretly wish that some genius will come out with a holster that you can clip your camera on your belt; allowing you to "draw" your camera instantly like a pistol, shoot, and slide back into the hostel when you are done ;) Not that there is a lack of holster candidates, Google "camera holsters" and you can find plenty!

But... they are mostly made for BIG and heavy DSLRs which, as you know; I have NO INTEREST in anymore.

Where is my dream holster for my compact or mirrorless M43 cameras? None! Until now!!
SCARABAEUS was discovered by me on Friday and I placed an order immediately, this is what arrived at my office today (Wednesday)!