Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nyonya food at its best, in Auckland ?!

Yesterday (2 Oct 2009) I was informed by Charles and Janet that they are closing Sri Intan effective 11 Oct! To all their fans they are offering special $250 for ten table which showcase TEN of their best Nonya dishes! Adios Sri Intan, you will be missed!

The Sri Intan story...

The General and I were in Auckland sending off her sisters back to Malaysia, we decided to hang around Auckland for a couple of nights to catch up with friends.

The last time we met up with Charles and Janet in Auckland was in March 2007! Janet introduced us to the Gyuto Monks and I wrote about them in "An Enlightenment Journey" in my old blog.

This time round we are very excited to savour their latest creation, some named it "the most authentic Nonya cuisine in New Zealand"!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mt Tit-What?

After viewing my "Stealthy Bird" entry, Heather (my colleague and fan) comment:

"Stunning photo!! Looks great enlarged on desktop...but... an unfortunate name for such a lofty mountain!!

I can imagine your wife with her face squashed up against the window while you are leaning over,clicking away! ha ha. Poor little bird.It would be cold and lonely up there.

This is what I read about "Mt Titless ", Mt Titlis is all about the views. The Swiss Alps are simply breathtaking and to even try to put their beauty and scenery into words does not even come close to doing them justice. Even people from spectacular alpine areas like Canada and New Zealand agree.

Stealthy Bird!

Weather have been wet and cold for nearly a week!

They say you can't beat Wellington on a good day, but on day like this; you sure wanna beat the hell out of here!

Met Service forecaster said yesterday's bleak weather was only going to get worse as southerly gusts increased today, reaching gale-force speeds of up to 140kmh in exposed places.

To make life even more exciting, there was an earthquake near Wellington! Luckily it was only measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale :)

Ever wonder then, how can birds fly in this gale force wind?

Take a look at this picture:

Click on picture for a grand view!

See that "stealthy bird" slip streaming the gusty Alpine wind?

This shot was captured at Mt Titlis, Engelberg; Switzerland... 10,000 feet off the ground.

A Canon EOS1n film camera with a 17-35L lens and Kodak Ektapress 400 film were used.

Did we design our Stealth Fighter by copying this bird? Ha ha ha...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Rainbow but no gold!

After reading my rainbow blog, Heather replied:

"It is good to see that there are people who take an interest in the REAL WORLD..which is our surroundings..landscape,environment,.How many even notice rainbows anymore,,let alone capture them on film? 
The idea that a pot of gold can be found at the rainbow's end originated somewhere in old Europe. In Silesia, an obscure area of eastern Europe, it was said that the angels put the gold there and that only a nude man could obtain the prize. Hmm.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wish Me A Rainbow....

"Wish me a rainbow... wish me a star...."

Remember that song? Hmmm.... you are too young? Sigh....

There is something special about rainbow that I love, partly because they are so difficult to capture on film; well... most of the time you do not have a camera when you see one!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Zoom Zoom zoom!

The second generation Mazda3 has been launched in New Zealand, and is set to go on sale on 1 May, said the motor news.

Strangely enough it did not excite me at all! Being a "petrol head" all my life, is this a sure sign of old age?

Five years ago when the first gen appeared, I was so excited and went and bought one of the first few available!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Lucerne has long been one of Europe’s most heavily touristed towns, five million admirers passing through each year. Wow! Just imagine the whole population of New Zealand passing through this picturesque town!

We were there for one day and half day, too little; too short!

If you are there, The north bank of the Reuss River is a must see! Take a walk among the river bank, take in the beautiful vista.

May be take a nap beside the river!

Afternoon Delight...

Beautiful fine day, cool breeze; along the river right smack in the city of Lucerne... great spot for a nap, baby included!

This delightful snap was "napped" with a Canon EOS1n, EF17-35L zoom lens on Kodak Supra 400 film.