Saturday, May 2, 2009

Zoom Zoom zoom!

The second generation Mazda3 has been launched in New Zealand, and is set to go on sale on 1 May, said the motor news.

Strangely enough it did not excite me at all! Being a "petrol head" all my life, is this a sure sign of old age?

Five years ago when the first gen appeared, I was so excited and went and bought one of the first few available!

So I took my camera, curious to find out what goodies Mazda has to give, six years later!

Curiously enough, at 11 am; there were not a soul in the show room! I lament those new models launch when I was with the papers in Malaysia. What fanfare, what party!

During the first gen 626 launch we were let loose on the Batu Tiga Race Track in KL and what fun! Then at night we were showered with gifts at a big party in Hilton, they even provide escort if you don't have a partner!

Those were the good old days!

So how do I find the new Big-Boy-Toy?

The new skin is much smoother, frontal look more aggressive and I like the new 2.5L DOHC engine! It will give more zoom-zoom than my old 2.0L! But sadly, there are not enough changes to make my adrenaline pumping.

But then, I really don't know till I take the new beast for a spin!

All the shots of the new 3 were taken with a Nikon D300 and the 12-24 f4 zoom. The tiny SB400 speedlight was used as fill-in light.


heather said...

ha ha,, don`t get too excited about thosecars or you will have a premature departure from mother earth!

Peter said...

Maybe this will excite you more!