Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cleaner, Better Squeeze! Or JPEG you Beauty!

I got a response within hours after I published "Putting On More Squeeze", a test report on the new compression technology from Human Monitoring (HM).

" I am connected with Human Monitoring. I enjoyed reading your post, and we'll definitely examine your suggestions.

One comment: Please try coding your highest quality picture to Hipix without degrading it first by compressing it to JPEG. Go from 16+MB to (I suggest High, Good or Normal presets) and then examine the result.

Hipix is most effective with images which do not contain noise. If you code an image low size JPEG you insert artifacts, which Hipix treats as data, and the compression is less effective."

What HM spokesperson do not realised was my test file was a Camera Raw file and after ACR, became a 16 bit TIFF file.

I tried the TIFF file with HipixWiz but found it do not support TIFF, 16 or 8 ; so I re-saved the file in JPEG, it then work.

So how do I get around "without degrading it first by compressing it to JPEG"? Catch 22?