Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Personal

According to Malaysia Today, it seems that the obsession for a nice number plate in Malaysia is hitting fever pitch with the latest ‘TAY 1’ hitting six figures. According to the Terengganu RTD (Road Transport Department), that number plate received RM220,000 (NZ$94,607.00); the highest bid in the country ever!

POOR-RICH Malaysians! Are they mad? Or are they willing suckers for the RTD?

Well, in New Zealand you could have got that plate today through "" for NZ$ 799.00 (RM1,858.00). The amount paid for the Malaysian plate can buy you a Ferrari to wear that plate!!

When I check at the on line site today. "TAY 1" was taken but you can have "TAYONE" for the same amount, as a matter of fact you can have any combination you want as long as it is available for NZ$799.00!

Not only that, NZ Plates offer various design options! For instance, your TAYONE can be: