Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Personal

According to Malaysia Today, it seems that the obsession for a nice number plate in Malaysia is hitting fever pitch with the latest ‘TAY 1’ hitting six figures. According to the Terengganu RTD (Road Transport Department), that number plate received RM220,000 (NZ$94,607.00); the highest bid in the country ever!

POOR-RICH Malaysians! Are they mad? Or are they willing suckers for the RTD?

Well, in New Zealand you could have got that plate today through "" for NZ$ 799.00 (RM1,858.00). The amount paid for the Malaysian plate can buy you a Ferrari to wear that plate!!

When I check at the on line site today. "TAY 1" was taken but you can have "TAYONE" for the same amount, as a matter of fact you can have any combination you want as long as it is available for NZ$799.00!

Not only that, NZ Plates offer various design options! For instance, your TAYONE can be:

"Styled" plates cost an extra NZ$100.00, so eat your heart out; Malaysians ;)

What about my car plate?

Well, you cannot get more personal on a personalised plate than this:

I bought my plate in 1989 for NZ$320.00 and it has been on two Honda Civics, this was the second 2 door Civic that I sold to a colleague at the Dominion newspaper when I was offered a job in Singapore, 1992.
When we came back to Wellington in 1996 I went and see the ex colleague that bought my Civic and she returned my plate to me! Thanks Sue!

Now listen up, Malaysia RTD; how is this for EFFICIENCY.. all I did was go to any post office with my new car plate (from a Mazda 323) filled a one page form; pay $18.00, they took back the Mazda plates (to destroy) and gave me a set of new, standard issue plates. I took that to my ex Civic and swap back my "CYLEOW" plates to my Mazda. (See picture above).

Easy, no sweat; no pain! What do you have to go through in Malaysia?

Five years ago I trade in that 323 for a Mazda 3 and my plates followed me to the new car! Can you do that in Malaysia? How much you have to pay? Duh!!

Here are some interesting plates I snapped when I have my P&S with me. Don't you wish you can get the same in Malaysia? Go ask your RTD why not! ;)

Famous Last Words:

Did you know I can get another nearly similar "my name plate"? instead of the "O", I use zero!


heather said...

Ha ha!! They beat our boring old number plate any day!Your number plate will have no value though, unless that is another CY Leow around, but not everything needs to have a money value placed on it.I like all the plates..except the satan one.LOL

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention to this non malaysians CY. What on earth is Tayone??