Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wide (why) Not?

In my write up about my "Neglected Gem", the Nikon Coolpix 8400; I showed super wide snaps taken with the optional WC-E75 wide-angle converter lens.

The WC-E75 make the build in zoom lens even wider to an unmatched 14 mm (equiv) of ultra-wide coverage!

I like what the combo can produce, except the 8400 is extremely slow when you are shooting RAW!

How slow? How about 5 to 6 seconds after you click and worst still, the camera just lock up while the image is uploading to the card! First time when I used the camera in RAW nearly gave me a heart attack!

Photographing the launching of the New Zealand "Super Car" in Jan 2007 with the 8400, timing is critical when you know there won't be a second shot because your camera took 5 second to "recover"! ;)

My little Canon G9 compare to the 8400; is like a Ferrari when asked to do RAW, I can fire off THREE shots in succession when I need to!

Wouldn't it be nice if the Nikon WC-E75 wide-angle converter lens fit the G9? I know Canon make a wide add on to turn the G9 to 28 mm but it is no where near the 14 mm super wide of the Nikon!

The Canon G9 with the Nikon WC-E75 in front.

To test the possibility they work together, I handheld the combo together; making sure I do not drop the bulging WC-E75!

Below are two before and after pictures taken with the G9, the bottom picture I had the wide attachment lens in front of the G9 zoom lens.

Wow! It work! Have you seen a super wide shot from a G9 before? Look like the attachment lens change the 35 mm zoom to an amazing 18 mm super wide!

Ok, so the corners are a bit soft and one corner got a little vignette; overall, the result is encouraging! I shall do more testing!

Go on, try it out yourself; you do not necessary to have a Nikon wide attachment lens, there are cheaper alternative. Wide (why) Not?

Famous Last Words:

I found out you can buy this gizmo call LensMate that allow you to attach non Canon wide attachment lens!

More research needed!

Happy testing :)

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Happy testing!.. thats assuming one has something to test with! LOL

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