Sunday, January 31, 2010

Falling Off A Ladder?!

C.Bing, my high flying friend, D3 owner; intense photography enthusiast came back from Hong Kong, AGAIN :) In his email...

"Hi CY, just got back from HK and China yesterday. Had a great holiday and took around 1500 shots.

Discovered this guy in a HK studio. Great candid shots of HK.

Unfortunately he died prematurely. Fell off a ladder in his studio the shop assistant said.

The guy was single and dedicated his whole life to photography in the style of Bresson."

From the link he gave me, I also discover the marvelous shots of Yau Leung!

Falling off a ladder!?

We photographer do silly thing sometime, just to capture our shots! I remembered the time I was in SoHo, New York; shooting for a Singapore paper.

My subject was the art gallery owner, ex Singaporean; I somehow decided I can get a better angle from top of a ladder! Small shiver ;)

Art Pusher in SoHo, N.Y.
Kids. don't do this at home! You can fall off from the ladder!