Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Nikon E-P2

In April 2010 I wrote about my Leica E-P2, one year on; I got myself a Nikon E-P2!

This is no April Fool joke! This was the camera I used to take those wedding pictures you saw on "The Incidental Wedding Photographer"!

By now you would have guess my Nikon E-P2 is really my Olympus E-P2 camera with Nikon lens attached ;) This is achieved with a special lens adapter ring that I ordered from CameraQuest; they stock the Voigtlander variety, they are NOT cheap but they are the best!

Just like the last time, I email Stephen at CameraQuest and in less than 6 days I received my Voigtlander M4/3 to Nikon F Adapter!

Thanks Stephen! Great service as usual!

I started using Nikon gear when I joined The Star newspaper in Penang, 1974; as their first Photo Editor. I was 25 year old :) Through the years I bought various Nikkor lenses to use in my work and I upgraded to newer one whenever I can afford it.