Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Singapura!

Saturday 6 pm, Le General and I flew off to Auckland to catch our flight to Singapore. Because of my knee problem I requested for an aisle seat and was told by the Air New Zealand guy who handle our check thru that there are none left! And that is for a flight SIX hours away? I protested and was told to see SIA in Auckland!

When I explained my predicament to the smiling SIA lady in Auckland at 10 pm, she fixed my request in 2 minutes; without question! I am very disappointed with you Air New Zealand! Again! It is no accident that SIA is our preferred air line every time!

We flew off from Auckland at midnight and landed on the "Garden City" at 5 am local time. One hour ahead of schedule!

The last time we were at T3 (Terminal 3) it was just open, what an impressive terminal it is!

They even have our favorite breakfast of "roti kawin" and local coffee, 24/7! And the delicious fare is served by the famous Killiney Kopitiam in Singapore!