Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Singapura!

Saturday 6 pm, Le General and I flew off to Auckland to catch our flight to Singapore. Because of my knee problem I requested for an aisle seat and was told by the Air New Zealand guy who handle our check thru that there are none left! And that is for a flight SIX hours away? I protested and was told to see SIA in Auckland!

When I explained my predicament to the smiling SIA lady in Auckland at 10 pm, she fixed my request in 2 minutes; without question! I am very disappointed with you Air New Zealand! Again! It is no accident that SIA is our preferred air line every time!

We flew off from Auckland at midnight and landed on the "Garden City" at 5 am local time. One hour ahead of schedule!

The last time we were at T3 (Terminal 3) it was just open, what an impressive terminal it is!

They even have our favorite breakfast of "roti kawin" and local coffee, 24/7! And the delicious fare is served by the famous Killiney Kopitiam in Singapore!

Another shocker, our yummy breakfast of TWO sets of the famous roti, double half boiled eggs, tea/coffee AND a packet of classic banana leave Nasi Lemak cost us s$11.50! And that is at the LAGEST airport in the world! Lesson time, Kiwi cafe owners ;)

We missed Singapore for her incredible varieties of delicious food! The same afternoon, our friend's children Gerald and Yanling (thanks guys) took us to a traditional Indian banana leave rice at Samy's Curry at
Dempsey Road. Just look at the E-P2 grab shot below and tell me if you are not salivating!!

Singapore not only have the best food, she also posses the most ridiculous property price! The flat, oops.. the CONDO where we are put up cost a whopping S$ 1.8 mil to buy! Yes, a tiny three bed room "flat" costing ONE POINT EIGHT MILLION bucks! Has the market gone mad? :)

The Million Dollars "pigeon holes", what can you get in New Zealand?

So here I am, five a.m. in the Singapore morning, bashing away on my MacBook Pro because my Kiwi body clock tell me it is 9 am in New Zealand and I am late for work! Ha ha ha...

We will be meeting up with our younger daughter (after attending her friend's wedding in India) at Changi T3 tomorrow and we are all London bound. And without questions we are put on the same seat row of center aisles. Thanks for your excellent service, SIA! No, I DO NOT work for them. ;)

So to all my friends at home, eat your heart out while we continue our holiday! ;)

Next... Third Day In London!


mhunter said...

Stop complaining! It was a poor attempt to be upgraded to 1st Class. Knowing're loving every moment of it.
Must see more pictures by the master.

Peter said...

Now I'm hungry! If you're coming back through Singapore try 'Toast Box' for breakfast. Best Kopi Tiam we found. I recommend the Pineapple jam on thick French toast and of course the infamous half boiled eggs... if you like that kind of thing.

Nigel said...

Wow you didn't waste any time posting your first travel update CY! We hadn't even noticed you weren't here!
Looks like the EP2's already getting plenty of use? what lens made the trip?

heather said...

Sounds exciting!A day full of contrasts and highs and lows for you! the food looks really nice,, it will be a change for you from your usual cucumber and tomato and tinned fish! ha ha,.

Killiney Kopitiam said...

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