Friday, April 30, 2010

Third Day In London

This is our third day in London, so what do I think of this gigantic city that all my younger Kiwi friends are raving about?

"Naaaah!"...Sorry to disappoint all of you, it does not impress me at all!

London obviously are not make for older souls like us, especially if you have problem walking quickly! Everywhere you go, people are rushing; tense.. what kind of lifestyle you are having here? I miss good old Wellington!

May be we have been living in New Zealand for too long.

May be that is the reason why so many Poms move to our easy going Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud?

If you like classical old buildings, London is the place; the old, the new.. castles and more castles. You can go crazy with your camera!

While we were in New York, I find the best way to shoot buildings without killing your knees is on the open top deck of a city tour bus. It is best if you are equip with a pretty wide lens, I think 24 mm should be the minimum. I am using a 14-28 mm zoom ;)

We went to the Tower of London where they kept the Crown Jewels, no photos are allow though.

We were on the London Eye at 9 pm, nice night view of London!

So there you are, three days in London; half of the time we were charging around the Underground or inside the tube... watch out for more to come.

Excuse me while I go and rest my tired legs!

This is Oxford Street, shopping gone mad ;)


When we arrived in London on the 26th I received a SMS from my boss that ex colleague and good friend Frank has died of a heart attack!

It is still hard to believe that Frank, who played golf everyday and 100 times fitter that me just went like that! It is so unfair!

Frank has been a very caring friend, during our house got flooded, he called constantly to make sure we are alright! Same when my wife and me had our ops. Frank was that type of friend that is indeed rare and hard to find!

R.I.P. Frank! I am sure you will be swinging your club up there somewhere or "watch the birdie" :)

We miss you buddy!

Next... When In Rome!


Andy Fenton said...

Your photos really "wow-ed" me! You are indeed a star behind the lens!
I'll have a kind wish for you for Frank, Serena and Brent today...

Unknown said...

You're right, London is best walked but the tour bus idea is a good one if you want to get good photos of all those important buildings and monuments. Nice shot of Westminster Abby! I was always to strapped for cash for bus tours so just beat it on foot.

heather said...

amazing photos!really inspirational.It makes me want to go out with my little camera and shoot, shoot shoot!I`m envious. I want to go to London!I`ve never been to a big city. Your photos make me want to go there.How is your knee holding out in the "big smoke"?. I missed our fish and chips on Friday :-{ .Do they have fish and ships in London?

Marty said...

Head north a little & get out of that rat race of an excuse of a place.
Get your self in a pub & have a nice Steak & chips with mushy peas & listen to the locals go on about the last days of the Premiership.

Nigel said...

I know what you mean about London the people tend to be a bit cold and unfriendly, but theres endless things to do and see.
Hey so you bought the wide angle CY !??

CHLoh said...

Nice pictures from UK, (not Ulu Klang) sure u will go to Soho with more nice pictures but don't kena con there..haha, looking forward for more new pictures from London