Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nikon P7700 One Year On

I bought my Nikon Coolpix P7700 to replace the Canon G12 which I adored, until I discovered the dreaded "Loose Screws Syndrome" which plagued the G series. Mind you, my G series fanboyism attracted a total of 15,000 page views on this rugged looking compact!

Two days ago, one of the reader comment in my blog...

"I loved my G12 until it intermittently freezes whenever it feels like after about 15 months. Canon says"What?" ...we don't know anything about that. Search "Canon G12 freeze" you'll see. Love your tests on both P7700 and G12 thanks. I just bought me P7700."

Wow! Apart from the "Loose Screws" problem, the G series are getting  intermittent freezes problem!

One year on, I am still using my Nikon P7700 and it is still going strong :)

Here's what how I feel about this G-replacement...

My one year old P7700, look wise; it is more refine looking, none of the chunkiness of the G-12. However, like a magnet; the sticky rubberised cover over it's strong alloy body attracts grime and it is a pain to remove! Plus side, it grips better in your palm.