Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbow Over Karori Valley!

Thursday morning, 8.05 am; while putting on my socks, getting ready to take Le General to her appointment. My bedside radio announced about a giant rainbow over the Karori valley! Our aboard is over looking the valley!

Rainbow always unexpectedly appears when you’re least expecting to see one, often when rainbow do appear; you do not have a camera ;) Not this time!

I pulled the window blind and there it was, in all her glory; the rainbow!

I grabbed my OM-D E-M5, it had the Lumix 7-14 ultra-wide; fine... I turn on the camera, it says "card error!" What the ?#$%^  Quick card  eject and reinsert, now OK!

Went outside the front door onto the deck, the rainbow is starting to fade and disappear!  Grab shoot as fast as I can go... this is NOT good!