Friday, September 3, 2010

Hail, the angels sing; not...

My goodness, talk about the weather gone bongos!

We are into the THIRD day of spring,the weather men said it is pouring rain the whole day; yet it was sunshine all the way to 4pm!

Then at 5.30pm we heard the roar, I know immediately it is a big hail storm! It is rather rare in this part of town, Karori; Wellington, New Zealand.

Our deck was all white, as a matter of fact; everywhere around our house are white! Out came my Olympus E-P2 with the Panasonic 7-14 zoom.

The light was fading fast, the photog in me wanting to go to the deck's railing to get a better shot. My General grumbling that it is too slippery for this old bones... I went anyway, making sure I do not skate over ;)

That is my Mazda 3 below, the garden; the road, all white. My E-P2 was wet... a quick wipe and it seems to be OK! The photo was shot at ISO 800, f5 and 1/5 sec hand held. I think my grip was very steady even with bashing hail and gale. May be the in-camera stabilizer deliver again!

I uploaded a short video for all my friends in Malaysia, hear the wind howl ;)


cy.leow said...

Shamshahrin Shamsudin commented on my link in Face Book:

Shamshahrin wrote
"I guess I don't need a fridge if I move there...."

iml said...

Hail storm? Did your car manage to survive the pounding of the hails?

Amino @ Lordmint said...

I've lived in Ottawa, Canada during my university days. The winter season there can be quite an adventure to deal with.

Pros : Snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey.

Cons : Snow/Ice storms, -30C temperature, frost bites :P

heather said...

I started walking home at 4.50pm and I was walking along the stream bank and was about 500 meters from Porirua center when I felt some light hailstones and I looked to the back of me and saw a big black cloud and rain over towards your way, so I sped up and got to the supermarket.It was still spitting hailstones, I was inside the supermarket for 20 mins and when I got out it was dark with torrential rain! talk about 4 seasons in 1 day!!