Sunday, January 31, 2010

Falling Off A Ladder?!

C.Bing, my high flying friend, D3 owner; intense photography enthusiast came back from Hong Kong, AGAIN :) In his email...

"Hi CY, just got back from HK and China yesterday. Had a great holiday and took around 1500 shots.

Discovered this guy in a HK studio. Great candid shots of HK.

Unfortunately he died prematurely. Fell off a ladder in his studio the shop assistant said.

The guy was single and dedicated his whole life to photography in the style of Bresson."

From the link he gave me, I also discover the marvelous shots of Yau Leung!

Falling off a ladder!?

We photographer do silly thing sometime, just to capture our shots! I remembered the time I was in SoHo, New York; shooting for a Singapore paper.

My subject was the art gallery owner, ex Singaporean; I somehow decided I can get a better angle from top of a ladder! Small shiver ;)

Art Pusher in SoHo, N.Y.
Kids. don't do this at home! You can fall off from the ladder!

Coming back to Yau Leung shots of Hong Kong in the 1960's... I like them a lot, simple everyday life with a decisive moment style!

I especially like this one:

The price for a 16x24" print at HK$ 6,500 (NZ$ 1,194) seems a bit steep.

This is my version:

"Guard dogs" at a Buddhist temple, Bangkok; Thailand.

Looking at Yau Leung's decisive black and white shots, I wish I had kept my early monochrome shots!

here are two that were captured in Kangar, a small town in Malaysia; during a flash flood.

Roll, roll, roll your drums...

Flash flood in the town of Kangar, Malaysia. These children turn empty oil drums into a raft to take advantage of the flood and to have some watery fun.Nikon F3 80-200 f4 zoom lens. Kodak Tri-X film.

Second childhood, splashing time...

Famous Last Words:

Déjà vu...

Sometime photographer will go all out to get the shot they wanted, take this night shot of Shah Alam for example...

To get this view I decided that I have to get up to the roof of the Blue Wave Hotel in Shah Alam.

When the manager took us to look at the "roof" I nearly had a heart attack!

The roof is enclosed by a two storey high wall (to conceal the air condition evaporators), to see the view below I had to climb up a small metal ladder mounted on the wall and stand on two beams on the top! And I hated height!

And how do you carry a huge bag of two camera bodies with drives and five lenses AND a huge Manfrotto tripod up that ladder? Well, I was lucky to have young photographer Kevin Tan of The Star with me! We made it to the top when there were still light! Thanks Kevin!

Rigging the tripod on that ledge was no fun and you have to watch your step or fall to your death! I could kick myself for not bringing a touch light! And you thought pro are well equipped? Ha ha ha...

The real horror was to GET DOWN! Man, I swore I will NOT do that again! Was risking an arm and a leg for this shot! Was it worth it? ;-)

Just as well I did not fall off the ladder!

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