Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stealthy Bird!

Weather have been wet and cold for nearly a week!

They say you can't beat Wellington on a good day, but on day like this; you sure wanna beat the hell out of here!

Met Service forecaster said yesterday's bleak weather was only going to get worse as southerly gusts increased today, reaching gale-force speeds of up to 140kmh in exposed places.

To make life even more exciting, there was an earthquake near Wellington! Luckily it was only measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale :)

Ever wonder then, how can birds fly in this gale force wind?

Take a look at this picture:

Click on picture for a grand view!

See that "stealthy bird" slip streaming the gusty Alpine wind?

This shot was captured at Mt Titlis, Engelberg; Switzerland... 10,000 feet off the ground.

A Canon EOS1n film camera with a 17-35L lens and Kodak Ektapress 400 film were used.

Did we design our Stealth Fighter by copying this bird? Ha ha ha...


Unknown said...

It looks more like a fish... flying fish?

heather said...

Stunning photo!! Looks great enlarged on desktop...but... an unfortunate name for such a lofty mountain!!
I can imagine your wife with her face squashed up against the window while you are leaning over,clicking away! ha ha. Poor little bird.It would be cold and lonely up there.
This is what I read about Mt Titless "Mt Titlis is all about the views. The Swiss Alps are simply breathtaking and to even try to but their beauty and scenery into words does not even come close to doing them justice. Even people from spectacular alpine areas like Canada and New Zealand agree."
Having never been to Switzerland,I can`t say too much but I can say that its very much like Arthur`s pass in the southern alps. Here is a poem in honour of this little bird
Soar not too high, O bird of Hope!
Because the skies are fair;
The tempest may come on apace
And overcome thee there.

When far above the mountain tops
Thou soarest, over all –
If, then, the storm should press thee back,
How great would be thy fall