Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Auckland Revisited and Mana Ada Sense?

**** "Mana Ada Sense" - a tongue-in-cheek, translate to "Where Got Sense?" or "No Common Sense!"

The last time we were in Auckland I was 60 years young :) It was Feb 2007... and last week end we find ourselves in this busy city again.

We were flying Air New Zealand, our tickets were bought on-line; at our Wellington airport we learn how to check-in ourselves! The wonder of technology!

What do not make sense to us that our local flight luggage allowance was 25 Kg, wheres my sister in laws who are flying MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) to Kuala Lumpur were only given 20 Kg each!

Come now MAS! What is going on? Local flight 25 Kg and international 20? A case of "Mana Ada Sense" ??

After seeing my relatives off we took the excellent and economical "Air Bus" to the city.

This time round we spoil ourself by prebooked a "King room" at the 4 stars + (that is MORE than 4 stars) Sky City Hotel!

It was 1 pm when we try to check-in, not knowing that NZ hotels check-in time is 3 pm!

We were told that our room will only be ready by 3 pm, BUT (there is always that BUT :) if we pay ANOTHER $30.00 per night, we will be UPGRADED to a BETTER room AND we can check-in IMMEDIATELY!

To ease my tired bones, we front up with another $60 (NOT including GST) and check-into a "King Room"! But, but... but... is that not the same King Room?

Like the MAS luggage allowance, I don't think this made much sense either!

What say you, Sky City??

Our two nights in Auckland has some nice gastronomical moment though :)

There is this shop right across the Sky Tower call Wongkok Cafe and Bar which serves a great variety of Malaysian / Cantonese "joo-char" dishes! Just like Kuala Lumpur! Don't miss it!

There is another cafe I NEVER miss and it is the Rebo Cafe and Bar at Sky City itself.

Believe you me, Rebo serve the BEST sea food chowder this side of the universe!

Look at the picture below... go on, click on it and SALIVATE!

After the chowder (at $14.00, what a treat!) spoil yourself further with a good cup of New Zealand flat-white! Life is beautiful!!

We flew back to Wellington on Air New Zealand, there were too much turbulent and the landing was the classic Wellington rock-and-roll!

The General got really sick and filled an air sick bag with you-know-what.

The air hostess told me to hold on to the bag till the cart with the bin arrive, 2 seconds later the bag SPRUNG A LEAK!

Our Air NZ lady went into marathon mode, ran with the leaking bag (on stack of tissues) to the rear of the swaying aircraft! It was actually quite hilarious! Then came the Air NZ guy with the spray to "disinfect" my seat tray! Ha ha ha...

Now this is our THIRD "Do-Not-Make-Sense" encounter the last two days! Why in the world would you make air sickness bag out of PAPER? I know it is waxed, but waxed paper loose their effectiness after a while, don't they? Do they have EXPIRING DATE?

I know Air NZ claimed they DO NOT leak in one of the Fair Go episode, what say you Air New Zealand? Is it that hard to design a leak-proof bag?

Wait, there is more...

While waiting to get out of the docked aircraft we experienced a sudden POWER FAILURE!

Sigh... next time I will make sure Mr. MURPHY is not with us :)


What about camera and lenses?

Unlike the last trip, I took with me my trusty Nikon D300 DSLR with the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED (what a mouthful!).

When I only have a one lens choice on travelling, I will take this every time! Its focal length is equivalent to 18-35 mm.

There is nothing more frustrating during travel and find your lenses are NOT WIDE ENOUGH!

If you are like me, unable to carry all the heavy lenses for hours, just take this one! Come on, how often you need a tele on your travel (unless you are on safari)? Virtually all travel shots need wide, wide and MORE WIDE :)

Oh... man, compare to Auckland, Wellington is like South pole! Brrrr..

Can you see them little birds trembling?


Unknown said...

I'm salivating over that chowder and it's only 7:30am. Looks delicious!

CHLoh said...

The Wong Kok cafe and bar don't know is the same with Malaysia Wong Kok, in KL have one in Pavilion Shopping Mall doing very good business, two in PJ (One Utama and SS2), actually Wongkok is a famouse place in Hong Kong, good to hear that they serve Malaysia food as well.

heather said...

Ha ha..The bag sprung a leak!!!Its luck it did not spill all over your clothes. How inconvenient!( most of all for your wife!!!)Love the look of the chowder.
By the way...There was a heavy frost on the ground at Auckland yesterday.