Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Mana Ada Sense" - Part 2

KUDOS to Sky City! They reply a day after I lodged a complain about my disappointment! Here is their reply in full:

Dear Mr. Leow,

Thank you for providing me with your reservations details and giving me the opportunity to look into this further.

From your reservation details I can see that you had booked under the "PARK" rate code for a Standard Room.

As you say from your email and your internet blog upon arrival you were advised that the room type you had booked was not ready yet. Your room type would have been ready before our standard check in time of 3pm.

You checked into your room at 12.38pm. On check in you were offered if you wished to upgrade into an "refurbished - upgraded room" for the quoted fee of $30 per night. I have to clarify this amount is including GST, and not as you state excluding GST. You are welcome to check this on your invoice provided upon check out.

In regards to the room type being the same KING ROOM that you had booked, I need to clarify that these room types are different. SKYCITY Hotel is currently refurbishing and upgrading the hotel rooms. As we upgrade the hotel we are reviewing our rates as well.

This is already reflected for those guests who wish to stay in this room category and wish to pay the increased rate. I have included a picture of the room type you stayed in. You will note that this is upgraded and different to the room you had initially booked. ( picture of the non refurbed room also attached )

I do apologize for the confusion and I trust my explanation would be well received.
On the other hand I feel embarrassed that the toilet seat was "lopsided" and would like to apologize for not fixing this during your stay.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish further clarification and again sorry for the confusion caused.

Kind regards,


The photos of the two "Old and New" King Rooms.

All fine and dandy Admir, you know; your "Standard" room is perfectly good for us... all we need is a bed to rest our tired bones :)

We are not worry about the extra $60 but rather the "offer" given to us as we are able to check in earlier IF we get the premium upgraded room. Mind you, your room is really top notch, apart from the toilet seat ;)

Thank you for your fast response, we will know what to do next time.

I wish Air New Zealand is as efficient as Sky City, we are still waiting for their response!

As for the 3 pm check-in time for ALL the hotels, does that MAKE SENSE to you?

I mean, the customer is paying for a day of stay, to me; don't a day means 24 hours?

So is it not logical that if you check-in at 3 pm, you should be entitle to stay till 3 pm the next day? But what do I know, I am just a retired photographer :)

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heather said...

ha ha!!lopsided toilet seat? did you fall of it.? maybe your name should be "Leantoofa Fallofa" ha ha.