Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Candid - SHY KIDS

One of my avid fan complain that I do not post enough of my work, by doing that; he can appreciate the photography I done and hopefully learn something from it :)

I am honoured indeed, so I have decided that I will post one of my better shot every week!

Good picture got to be seen big, so do click on it for a better view!

"SHY KIDS" was a candid shot I took in Kuching, Malaysia.

I was conducting a photography workshop for the local press photogs in Kuching, I was at a village taking shots of the "Long House"; a bamboo structure visually boring :)

While standing there pondering my angle-of-view, from the corner of my eye; I caught these two little kampong folks peeping at this confused old man.

A quick peep at my Canon EOS D2000 camera and satisfied the attached 17-35L lens is "good enough", I swung around and blazed off a few shots.

The rest, like they say; is history! No? Ha ha ha...

I adore this shot, love their shy expression!

Famous Last Words:

To be ready for candids, my shutter speed is usually set to "T" (shutter priority, duh!), 1/250 sec. I let the lens take care of the f stops.

I always have a good wide angle zoom attached. Don't skimp on quality glass!

The Canon D2000 was a second generation digital SLR, anything above ISO 400 contained too much noise. Now with my D300 Nikon, I can sleep well even shooting at ISO 1,600!

When you "notice" a candid, be discreet OR fire away really fast before your subject has a chance to react! Shoot first, ask question later. Mind you, I don't do that often, NOT nice ;)

Happy candid camera!


heather said...

Great shot!The technical stuff is complicated to me but the sweet innocence of the children is not.I doubt whether you would find such an expression in an adult.Most adults are too complicated carry around too much emotional baggage and knowlege.

CHLoh said...

100% agreed with your style of candid shots, I know you have more, I suggest at least 2 to 3 best shots from your collection for every article, hahaha, you can do it.

Nigel said...

Thanks CY this is the kind of photo you do so brilliantly keep them coming. With advice of the day as a footnote!