Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Incidental Wedding Photographer

Believe you me, wedding photography is a TOUGH call ;)

In my younger years, when asked; I did wedding jobs for relatives and friend's children. I have not done that for years, DSLR cameras and large aperture lenses seems to get heavier; wedding photographer? No thanks ;)

We are invited to Wei and Sue's wedding ceremony today. Wei Lun is the only son of our good friend Yew Mun and Mei.

As usual, I packed my gear for the ceremony; as usual Le General warned me not to take too heavy a load because "I am NOT going to carry for you!" She usually do ;)

The wedding was held at Walaceville House, Upper Hutt.

The venue is surrounded by luxurious garden, perfect for photography; the weather did not cooperate though and the ceremony was performed indoor.

Our young groom, Wei; has hired two wedding photographers; I noticed they are packing BIG Canon DSLR with HUGE large aperture Canon 35mm f1.4 lens! The perfect available light wonder glass ! You do not want to know the miserable optics I brought with me, but that is another story ;)

As an invited guest at a wedding, I am not there to compete with the official photographer/s. I get out of their way but I still try to get shots different from theirs :) Or better still, shots that they did not get ;)

Wei and Sue have a hearty laugh when Wei make a little boo boo during his vow. The amused celebrant is our good friend Tuk.

The photographers might not have this shot because one of them was behind Sue and the other behind Wei. ;) But then I might be wrong :)

If they were where they were the last time I saw them, they might not have this shot of the exchange of ring either? Hee hee...

Or this one where Wei's parent are sharing a joke with the happy newly wed. Notice where they are shooting from or rather shooting at :)

And a digital magic shot for the album :)

More Photos...

All the King's Men :)

All the Aunties :)

"I bring the rings!"

Here Come The Bride :)

With Uncles and Aunties :)

Attending Wei's big day brought back fond memories of his sister, Liling's wedding at the same venue in 2003!

I was tracking the beautiful bride as she was approaching the part of the garden where the ceremony was when...
A strong gust of wind ruffled her veil, I did not stop shooting! I love this shot :)

At Liling's big day I recall in amusement that the hired photographer has his "time up" and left before the dinner ;) Just as well I packed my gear!

"Every time I ring the wine glass, you must kiss the bride!"

Father and daughter dance, priceless moment but wedding photog has left! ;)

My wedding photography of the Ho family went back a few years! I remember flying to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur to photograph Wei and Liling's parent when they renewed their marriage vow in 1998!
Yew Mum and Mei at a Singapore Hotel, that's Liling holding the train :)

My Way...

To me, I treat a wedding photography just like a journalistic job. The pictures should tell the story or event of the day.

Like any news job I am shooting, I will look for that fleeting or decisive, candid moment. But like any wedding shoot, we must also have some "jack-up", or posed pictures.

I observed in amusement where wedding photography are heading, wedding snappers now are promoting and boasting how creative their work are with arty, blurred masterpieces. Not that all are bad, I do like some of them but I feel a lot of the time the photographer forget about that most important thing of that big day, is the story telling bit!

The Moments...

Here are some happy moments of the couples captured by me through the years.

Mei Chan & David

Our good friend Charles Chan and Janet's daughter Mei and David's big day at the Ohariu Valley in Wellington. We were invited guests.

Gerald Foo & Yan Ling

Tearful but proud parent. A short telephoto lens is useful here.

Wedding photography can be fun too :) No price for guessing who is the happy groom :)

A simple pose can be effective too!

Location... Stunning entrance at Mission Estate Winery at Taradale, Napier; New Zealand.

Location... waterfall at Napier, New Zealand.

Position yourself before the moment :)

"Yum Seng!!!" (yam seng /yum seng, jʌm sɛŋ/ int. [Cantonese 饮 胜 yam seng ‘drink to success’), fish-eye lens help!

Gerald Foo is the son of our good friend Casey Foo and Irene. We were invited guests and I was the official photographer at the ceremony.

They Throw The Bride At Wedding, Don't They?

A sequence capture at the wedding of Eve & Rod, I was the official photographer.

Sam & Lei

Lei is the daughter of Le General's colleague, we were invited guests and I was also the official photographer.

Famous Last Words...

Wedding photography is hard work, especially now we are shooting digital!

To do a good job, we spent hours and hours selecting, cropping and colour adjusting the hundred of shots we captured at the ceremony.

I actually miss the film days where I just shoot a number of rolls, pass the film to the wedded couples; collect my fee and call it the day :)


heather said...

Cool photos, in spite of the weather on Saturday.It looks like you have been to more weddings than funerals!
Interesting shot there of the bride being tossed around! ha ha..kind of like a wedding version of crowd surfing!

Rob Evans said...

I like the candid shots a lot, especially the bride with the wind blown veil and the red sock men.
I'm a friend of Heather's, visiting from Hastings UK though your tracker shows my ISP's server location up north.

cy.leow said...

Hi Rob! Greetings from New Zealand! For a moment I thought you are from OUR Hastings ;)
Thanks for comment! Our daughter is working in London and we were there for a visit two year ago.
I suppose Hasting is not as busy and more scenic than London.
Regards - CY

iml said...

You were the incidental photographer for my 21st birthday party.

cy.leow said...

Hi iml,
That was a while back!
This old man cannot even remember! Ha ha ha...
Is it possible to send me some shots for a DeJa Vu post :)

Unknown said...

Hi Uncle CY, its your nephew in Melbourne. Excellent capturing of moments in time. I am inspired! Jason

cy.leow said...

Hi Jason

Thanks for your comment!

I am FLOORED by what you achieved in Decemberswitch!

I am so proud having a creative nephew and obviously someone who followed his dream!


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