Saturday, April 4, 2009

Déjà vu 2 - Shah Alam By Night

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Sometime photographer will go all out to get the shot they wanted, take this night shot of Shah Alam for example...

To get this view I decided that I have to get up to the roof of the Blue Wave Hotel. When the manager took us to the "roof" I nearly had a heart attack! The roof is enclosed by a two storey high wall (to conceal the air condition evaporators), to see the view below I had to climb up a small metal ladder mounted on the wall and stand on two beams on the top! And I hated height!

And how do you carry a huge bag of two camera bodies with drives and five lenses AND a huge Manfrotto tripod up that ladder? Well, I was lucky to have young photographer Kevin Tan of The Star with me! We made it to the top when there were still light! Thanks Kevin!

Rigging the tripod on that ledge was no fun and you have to watch your step or fall to your death! I could kick myself for not bringing a touch light! And you thought pro are well equipped? Ha ha ha... The real horror was to GET DOWN! Man, I swore I will NOT do that again! Was risking an arm and a leg for this shot worth it? ;-)

The night scene was shot with a Canon EOS1n camera with 28-70 zoom lens on Kodak Ektapress film. Why not digital? Well, the Canon D2000 body I had with me only have 2 mega pixels, a far cry from the 60 MB file I can derive from scanning the negative with my Nikon 4000ED scanner!

Footnote: Shah Alam, Selangor's state capital, is a modern township surrounded at its periphery by Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and five other major townships including Klang, Bangi, and Kajang. It enjoys a vantage location being ideally located halfway between the national capital, KL, and the viable Port Klang.

Hailed as one of the most well-planned cities, Shah Alam has most of its residential area on one side of the Federal Highway and industrial zones on the other. Hence, Shah Alam has been constructed according to a blueprint drawn up with the environment at the forethought of the planners. It has become a showpiece city of the future, free from the inherent problems of haphazard development and shanty towns found in other major growth centers.

Sultan Salahuhddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is truly one of the finest mosques to be found anywhere in the world. Completed in 1988, its minarets, at 142.3 meters, are the tallest in the world. Its graceful blue dome is also one of the biggest of its kind. Decorative Islamic calligraphy enhances the dome and main prayer hall.

Well... Was it worth it to risk life and limbs for this shot? I received these comments, I think I did my small part in promoting Malaysia? ;-)

from mjschack/Michael

Truly beautiful shot CY. Well composed and I enjoy inspecting all the details, as I love this type of photo. This exceptional building is obviously the main attraction, but I like the way the road crosses the bottom of the frame. With the mountains, it makes a pleasing formation to view this building. My attention is "boxed in" so to speak. I'll have to get over there some day too.

from nikappleon/Harry

Great story C Y and I am very pleased that you are still alive because otherwise we could not enjoy this kind of wonderful photo's from you annymore. To see this pic I say it was worth the risk you did take because it's a great one..........Composition and exposure are excellent.

from gfay/George

Yep! Worth it! And a great story you told.

from dreamer/Rob

fantastic shot's quite possible what you say in comment...there is not another shot of this particular view from this location anywhere...worth it then...yes! of course!...great image...informative too. How do you remember such details? I can't remember where I took this or that last week - and I never go far! ;-)) regards Rob

from jyt747/Julian

Exciting story, and I think the risk is well worth it. It's an excellent view point, and you took it at the right time - the detail in the sky and ground is all well kept. Of course the correct exposure, which is challenging in this light condition, plays an important role here. The color is excellent.

It looks like an interesting city, and the architecture is beautiful.

from nightowl/Marie-Helene

Well, CY, this OUTSTANDING view was well worth a little 'discomfort', wasn't it?
You have every reason to be pleased with the result...
Light and colours are absolutely exceptional.
Superb framing/cropping.
Excellent sharpness & clarity.
The amount of interesting details is stupendous!
Of course the central piece, the Sultan Salahuhddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is an architectural masterpiece…
Its graceful lines & curves are perfectly outlined against the nocturnal background.
The lake on the left, with the dark reflection of trees, is beautiful too.
A spectacular composition, supported with your interesting informative comment.

from eddymeuwese/Eddy

Awesome story you tell to get this shot, I'm glad everything went fine. The result is very beautyful, the lights, the scene, just amazing. Excellent adventure to get this.

from kdgill/Kev

It's spectacular, beuatiful to look at, well composed and exposed, and the comments add interest to an already great picture. Worth every second of fear. :)
-- Kev

Worth every second of fear? Kev sure have a sense of humor!

Till next time, go shoot some night scene!


heather said...

ha ha. maybe u can repeat that experience in the here and now in Wellington!!eat your heart out Spiderman!!
I didn`t even know there was such a mosque like this in Malaysia.. it is quite stunning.

Anonymous said...

bro, i want to buy 1 of your photo. Would appreciated if you can give me your contact number or call me at 012 217 5465 alan



cy.leow said...

Hi Alan,
You realise I am in New Zealand, don't you?