Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nuts Over Moon Watch!

Buzz Aldrin blasts into Auckland last week!

The fit as a fiddle 80 years old 2nd Man On The Moon wore TWO watches, when asked why by our smart alick tv guy; my hero answered, "I have TWO arms!" Ha ha ha...

You will notice Buzz still wear the watch that went to the moon :)

After seeing Buzz still wearing his trusty Omega Speedmaster chronograph, I went and look at mine.

Yes, I have a watch like Buzz but mine has never been on the moon ;) It has been hibernating in a drawer for years and only see daylight once or twice a year. I prefer my Rolex GMT Master which I do not have to wind.

That is my Speedy, bought for me by my beloved father in 1972. Still in great condition! Until I try to adjust the time! This is what happen!