Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nikon COOLPIX A, the New KING of P&S!

 Exactly one year to the day after Canon show off the G1-X, their "King Of P&S", a compact with large 1.5" CMOS sensor; Nikon decided to join the fray and launched their NEW COOLPIX A.

Nikon went one step further by shoving a larger (than Canon) 16.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor into the compact body.

This sensor is designed without an optical low-pass filter, it should achieves consistently high levels of sharpness and image quality than conventional compact cameras! A mini Nikon D7100? The "A" come in black and silver guises.

 The COOLPIX A came with a fixed 18.5mm (28mm_e) f/2.8 lens which Nikon claimed it's optical quality is comparable to DSLR interchangeable lenses! Yeah right ;) Also, the CMOS sensor has micro-lenses above the sensor arranged to maximize the performance of this lens.

The lens is equipped with a focus ring that allows users to make fine adjustment of focus, such as focus slightly in front of or behind the primary subject. You can also focus manually with the same ring.

So far I don't think any compact have those features!

The full specification of this camera can be view HERE.

As seen from the above chart, this little camera can accept some interesting accessories!

What about the image quality?

Well, Nikon contracted New York based photographer Doug Menuez to show case this new compact, this is what he said...

"The COOLPIX A, to my pleasant surprise, is perfect for street photography, where discretion is critical. It's small, quick and lightweight, yet delivers big, portfolio-quality image files. 

I wanted to work the moment I touched it. 

With its fixed 28 mm, it was clear that Nikon was speaking to those who love the discipline and simplicity of prime lenses, but also appreciate modern enhancements. 

David Douglas Duncan once said, "First get close, then get closer." 

This camera has that spirit, and I am now relishing the results. The files are mind-blowing, with sharpness that rivals my D4. Yet it fits in my pocket! This camera will go wherever I go."

That of course is more of a marketing talk ;)  I will make my own decision AFTER I get a chance to use it!

Here are 3 sample images taken by Menuez for Nikon.

All images © NIKON.

 New York, New York. Not a particular interesting shot, I downloaded it just to inspect the shadow noise...

The same NY skyline shot is brighten in ACR using "Fill Light", we will zoom in to pixel peep the noise...

This is a 100% crop, to tell you the truth; I am FLOORED! I know it was shot at ISO 100... but considering the original shot was at least 4 stops "under", look at the result! Sensor size RULES! Size DOES MATTER!

ISO 320, full f2.8; 18.5mm or 28mm_e. How good is this lens at f2.8?

The image speak for itself!  Wow!

Another shot at f2.8, ISO 320 and 1/250.

And this is her eyes at 200%!

Famous Last Words...

Look like Nikon has a WINNER here! 

Size for size, this compact is more compact than many compact; yet pack an incredibly sharp; LARGE sensor!

At the moment, I don't see any competition!

Video © NIKON


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