Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going GREEN!

With over 25% of the population in New Zealand claiming Irish blood - and those with no trace of a drop still claiming the right to be Irish when the green is worn, I got a bit of a shock when I arrived at work yesterday to discover some of my colleagues "turning green"!
Then this old brain recall we are suppose to be in green for St Patrick's Day!

Morning tea time was the chance for us to show off our greens and the goodies we brought in to share.

Me? I had my little Canon G9 handy! This little beauty is reasonably fast for candid snaps! At ISO 400 and built in flash, quick reflex... fun, fun!

The picture above are from left, Audrey, Braden and Andy; bosses at the place I work.

My friend asked me how I managed to capture them together in their Irish mood! Ha ha ha... this picture was a montage of three different shots! DUH! Photography should be FUN!

That's Eileen showing off her bright green hair.

Happy St Pat's Day!

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heather said...

Braden looks like a possum in the headlights!! ha ha