Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tea For Two

Our eldest daughter May-N took us to Vancouver Island when we were visiting her in Vancouver, on this spectacular and beautiful island we were introduced to the classical English High Tea.

Actually High Tea is a misnomer, most people refer to afternoon tea as high tea because it sounds more regal! High tea to the English is actually dinner. Do visits the link on English High Tea, it is fascinating!

The stunning waterfront city of Victoria is the vacation capital of Canada, it attract over six million visitors yearly!

Vancouver Island have one of the best afternoon tea house in the world! White Heather Tea Room is well known for the freshness of their sandwiches and savouries, their intimate setting and their wonderful selection of teas. To the Poms, to die for ;)

Mouth watering stacks at White Heather Tea Room, from left; our qian-jin Ming-N, May-N and Lamont.

Two weeks ago Ming-N discovered that there is a very nice tea house right here in Wellington!

Martha's Pantry is at the top of Cuba Street (No.276) in Wellington, we were there this afternoon and we were not disappointed!

There are eight tables at Martha's Pantry and judging by the crowd, booking is advised.

Ming-N and Le General enjoying their special brews.

Ming eyeing the delicious spread, she opt for gluten free variety.

So if you are in Wellington, take a nice stroll up Cuba Street and enjoy some nice tea and snacks at Martha's Pantry!

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heather said...

Brings back fond memories not only of tea houses but of teas which were a regular part of people`s lives when when I was a child. Everyone had a teapot and handknitted tea cosies and tea strainers and matching tea sets,and the women had small home baking down to a fine art. They would have their own way of making butterfly cakes and lamingtons and neenish tarts and sally lunns. Their shortbread would have their own "signature"stamp, thus the local vicar would know who it was who left shortbread on his step.
These afternoon teas were common then because women stayed home and raised kids and baked and had vege garden and sewed their own clothes.The afternoons were a time for relaxing after the morning`s housework meet up with neighborhood friends and have afternoon tea and a natter.Mim`s specialty was seed cake.. a butter cake made with caraway seeds(not seen now) and ginger cake. Those days are long gone.The culture has changed.
I think the English "high tea" became our "teatime".,which is more like "dinner".
The teahouse on Vancouver island has a really classy name!:-)