Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Remade Personalised Plates

Two days ago I placed an on line order for a remake of my car's personalised plates to replace the "old" one.

It cost me NZ$20.95 for the remake plates and NZ$9.20 for courier, total; NZ$30.15. I could have saved $9.20 if I waited a day or two for the plates to arrive through "normal" air mail ;)

Well, at least I do not have to pay a whopping RM300,000 (NZ$127,908) by some Malaysian for a political car plate!

This morning I found this slim cardboard box outside of my front door.

My address was blur-out by me, duh ;)

Inside the box are a set of my "new" plates.

No prize for telling which one is old and which is new!

I notice the character (fonts?) are much thicker on the new one. So police can spot you easier? ;)

After installing the new plates, I notice the new plates now incorporate across the plate, a series of security holograms of a New Zealand fern.

These holographic images are only visible at certain viewing angle, using my G12 with flash on and taking shots at different angle; I managed to capture the holograms.

Holographic images of NZ fern embedded
in the reflective layer of the license plate.

Oh... the cardboard box that the plates came in can be reused as a free post box to return my old plates to LicenSys in Auckland! Failing which, I might be fine $500.00!!

My old plates ready to be ship back, FOC to LicenSys, Auckland.

Side Bar...

I was amazed that the Government appointed number plates manufacturer, LicenSys also provide some very high tech, secured licensing solution!

This I learn from their web site:

"LicenSys has a full range of plate security solutions that extends from the standard embossed aluminum number plate to the state of the art electronic security devices (Secure Electronic Plate) that are tamper proof and cannot be cloned.

The SEP is one key component of the Trust Triangle. Supported by Digital Signatures and Secure Logs, this device provides the highest level of license plate security available in the World.
It is a basic requirement for a trusted vehicle identification system to have a secure manufacturing and issuing process of the license plate.
LicenSys has the expertise to assist in determining the appropriate level of security required in each individual case and selecting the security solution that is the best and the most cost effective to satisfy the Authority's needs. LicenSys is well aware of the cost pressures and we pride ourselves on our low cost and highly effective security solutions."
May be the Malaysian Road Transport Department can learn a thing or two from them?

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