Monday, April 18, 2011

Incredible, Cheapest 500 GB USB Drive from China!

A Russian blogger, santyaho91; has posted this amazing story in his blog! His post is in Russian though ;) With the help of Google Translate, I got this confusing result!

Instead of calling CIA to help, Google came to my rescue and I discovered a Alex Yumashev, the founder and lead developer at Jitbit Software has deciphered the story in his blog!

The Story...

A technician at a hard drive repair center in a Russian town, next to the Chinese border received a compact 500 GB USB drive for repair.
The "drive" (see picture) according to the owner, was bought in a Chinese shop across the border at a ridiculously low price!!

The customer complained that the drive was not working properly. "It will only play back the last 5 minutes of the movie I saved into it!"

The confused customer was wondering why all the technicians started laughing at him, it turn out that they have seen this type of bought in China "hard drive" before!

The techs opened up the back of the drive to show the customer, this is what he saw...

Inside the casing is a 128 MB memory stick (flash drive) connected in such a way that it is working in a endless "looped" mode!! Two hefty nuts are glued to the innard to "add weight" to the drive.

When the drive, eh; stick, ran out of space (memory), it starts overwriting from the beginning!
Those China-men are so clever that the Russian techs are still trying to figure out how the Chinese rigged that! The drive not only reports "correct" file size and disk capacity, the looping overwriting DO NOT touch the other files in the drive!

The device look very convincing and impressive with lots of labels on the casing, the Chinese salesman even saved something to the drive to show that the unit work, while being demo in the shop ;)

Famous Last Words:

Before he buy from the Chinese, may be the Russian should have find out what Google translate USB Hard Drive in Russian, (USB-шным винтом) as ;)

"USB-shnym screw"

Get it? Duh!

Ha ha ha....

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