Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holly-Bolly-Welly WHO??

Well, Evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping has predicted a massive earthquake will strike the earth, 6 pm; NZ time; unleashing the Apocalypse, first to hit New Zealand, then around the world.

It is now 9.30 pm, we are still here ;) SUCKER!!

Another shocking news, albeit smaller in scale; is on the front page of the Saturday Dominion Post!

They are at it again! This time round, look like we are gonna get WELLYWOOD for good!

Some of you might not know how all this came about...

Fast rewind to March 2010...

A Press Release from Wellington Airport Limited...

"Wellington International Airport has announced plans to erect a Hollywood-style sign on the Miramar peninsula, celebrating the location of the heart of New Zealand’s burgeoning film industry, “Wellywood”.

“Wellington Airport is a big supporter of the capital’s film industry. It’s a relationship that has steadily grown since the industry began to flourish around 17 years ago.

“Convenient and affordable air links have enabled the world-beating Peter Jackson and Weta group of companies to reach the rest of the world,” said Steve Fitzgerald, Wellington Airport CEO."


What did we think of that clever idea? Here are some responses:

Wellington.Scoop -
"It’s a great idea to put a Hollywood-style sign on the Miramar peninsula. But it’s a dreadful idea for the sign to use the cliched “Wellywood” word, which does nothing except show that we are hankering after older and bigger film industries rather than having confidence in our own identity and our own name."
"The same uncertainty will be created for visitors if they see the bastardised “Wellywood” name. It has connotations of Bollywood, the generic description of India’s gigantic film industry."

Trevor Mallard, the Hutt South MP, said he was a huge fan of the Wellington film industry but "one of our strengths is our originality and this is a pale imitation of the Hollywood sign which makes us look like try-hards"

Veteran Wellington film director Geoff Murphy fumed: "I think it's f....g stupid. It is copying a foreign, bulls..t glamour idea and it's the pits of what people can aspire to."

Our Mayor Celia Wade-Brown told the Dominion reporter yesterday that she did not support a sign of any kind.

"There are much more important ways to promote the film industry, and creative digital, than with a sign. But the airport did do a good job to see if there were other phrases that were an improvement."

Bravo Mayor!
But since we are going to use Wellywood to promote Wellington, may I suggest the following?

Even the surfers can see the huge sign board! ;)

Wow! All the tourists on the Interislander will be able to admire the sign board!

You MUST have one here! Thousands of tourists go up to Mt Vic lookout every month! ;)

Famous Last Words:

But of utmost importance is to erect the Wellywood sign on these hill!
So I can admire it from my deck!! Ha ha ha...

Latest!! 2nd June...

According to Dominion-Post:

Wellington Airport has backed away from its idea of putting up the Wellywood sign and will now consult with residents.

The airport's decision last month to go ahead with the sign on Miramar Cutting sparked outrage in the city.

Today, the airport announced it would form a panel to consider alternative options for the sign before discussing them with Wellington residents


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heather said...

At 6pm I was tucking into roast chicken,kumara,spuds,pumpkin with lashings of gravy oblivious to the fact that the world was supposed to end .. ha ha.
The Wellywood sign is silly.It`s a pale insipid copycat of the Hollywood sign, It would just look ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I think we would all relates to 'hobbitwood' rather then wellywood?

Anonymous said...

That sign is just downright cringe worthy!!!! Arrrggh! The thing is I don't know of one person who likes the idea , surely The Airport people would have the sense to listen to the people. As for attracting tourists!!!! yeah right!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this is all just a promotional stunt and that the Airport probably don't have any real intention of put up the sign. The LA people would never let it go ahead!!