Friday, June 3, 2011

Lok Lok Is Here In Wellington!

Every Malaysian would know what Lok Lok is! To the rest of the world what exactly is LOK LOK?

According to Rasa Malaysia...

Lok Lok is like a steamboat / hotpot / shabu shabu with a wide range of fresh foods such as meat, seafood, fish balls, vegetables, quail eggs, etc. placed on little skewers and laid out upon a round table with a pot of boiling water as the centerpiece.

Google Search Images for "lok lok" and you will see this!!

Half the enjoyment of Lok Lok lies in the DIY preparations (the other half is the eating). Once everyone is seated around the table, they pick out their selections and dip the skewered food into the pot and wait for them to cook.

After the cooking process, sauces are added to the food.

In a way, eating Lok Lok is like masak-masak (a little Malay cottage game where kids play with foods) for adults. Everyone talks and laughs amidst the preparations and that’s exactly the fun and art of communal dining.

On 7 May, our friends Robert and Sarah officially opened their new Lok Lok Steamboat R&S Noodle House for business.

Lok Lok Steamboat R&S Noodle Hous is a BYO restaurant situated at 95, Jackson Street; Petone, Lower Hutt. (Ph: 04-589-6199)

Robert and Sarah at their new Lok Lok Seafood R&S Noodle House

Robert paying respect to the God of Heaven after Lok Lok's opening on 7 May 2011.

It was not until yesterday, 2nd June that we find time to try out Robert's new creation in Petone!

It was a busy night, the restaurant was packed; services was fast and Robert was seen here talking to some diners.
Our first dish was the "Assam Fish Curry Of The Day". Pan fried fish fillet of the day is cooked with tamarind curry, accompanied with tomato, okra and cucumber. Served with steamed rice.

We find this dish really delicious, possibly because the sour; tangy curry is so Malaysian! Okra is also our favorite vegetables :) Highly recommended!

Our next dish is what this place is all about, the Lok Lok Seafood itself!

Selection of fresh food (we chooses seafood variety) came on bamboo skewers.

Each customer are given a small stainless steel pot of boiling soup stock. The pots are inserted into the hole on the table, a gas burner is under each pot to keep it boiling.

You have a choice of chicken, tom yum; satay and curry soup stock.

Notice the curry, chilly and peanut sauce to dip your cooked food.

You can also have rice or yellow noodles in perforated "dipping pail", creating your custom noodle soup is fun :)

The fun of Lok Lok, dipping and cooking of your skewered food! Unlike the Malaysian version, diners do not consume the soup; after much dipping, our mini steamboat version created some really tasty soup stock which can be use for our noodle!

Our "spread", lok lok steamboat for the four of us. Each dish cost $3 to $4.00

Various skewered food are display in chiller ready for order.

Finally, some sweets for my sweet :)

From left, sago pudding accompanied by crispy biscuit and coconut jelly.

On the right is the Lok Lok Three Sweets. A selection with black glutinous sweet rice and jelly with goji and chrysanthemum!

It was a very pleasant dinning experience indeed, especially on a cold winter night; the warmth from under the table (radiant heat from the pot heater) and the hearty, delicious soup will surely bring a big smile to your face :)

Go try it out!

Bon Appétit!

The Menus ...

The Day Menu

The Dinner Menu

** Lok Lok was closed in 2013.

** All photos were shot with a Canon G12, Sunpak RD2000 was bounced off the ceiling for food shots.

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iml said...

Yum Yum!

heather said...

I agree! Yum yum! nice food to titillate one`s tired palate.There is so much work that goes into those dishes.. amazing!

Anonymous said...

Tried it few days ago with group of friends.service was poor.price is way too dear. Food was only okay.

Ian said...

Not sure what anonymous is talking about, but I went yesterday and the food was great, service was amazing and price was reasonable for dinner. Seeing that the prices were printed on the menu, one can always decide to eat elsewhere.