Monday, June 6, 2011

MonZoom in Bangkok!

No, that is NOT a typo ;)

Recently one of my friend, a die-hard "film fan" asked me to give him one situation that a digital camera is BETTER than his trusty film camera.

After I showed him "MonZoom" he contest defeat and reckoned he will look into buying a DSLR! Ha ha ha....

So what is "MonZoom"?

Zooming along a monsoon drain, get it? ... duh! :-)

The "zoom" is definitely something you MUST experience if you are in Bangkok, this streamline boat was taking us to the famous "floating market"; you will be pleasantly surprised how fast the motorbike engine propelled craft can go!

Felt as if you are in a F1 racing car!

I was shooting with my DSLR at 1/20 sec, yes; one-twentieth-of-a-second, to retain the motion.

The 15 mm fish-eye is perfect for such occasion!

The preview function of the digital camera is indispensable to let you know what you just shot, after all I have to hold the camera above my head and pointing downwards "shooting blind", so to speak.

You definitely do not want to "rock the boat"... ha ha ha!

We were visiting the famous Damnoen Sadual Floating Market.

According to Wikipedia:
A floating market is a market where merchandise is sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand, is one of the most famously known floating markets, and a major tourist destination.

Grilling and serving satays from a boat.

Floating market at Damnoen Saduak is the old traditional way of selling vegetables, fruits,etc from a small boat. The excellent quality soil beside the canal is very fertile and suitable for growing many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The area is famous for Malacca grape, Chinese grapefruit, mangoes, bananas, and coconut. Thai style canoes laden with colourful, succulent fruits, vegetables, sweets and meats, gently ply their way through the canal.

The idea for the floating market here was initiated by Chamlong Srimuang in 1987 to honor King Bhumibol's 60th birthday.

This is a new attraction since floating markets, an old way of life of the Thai people, had vanished entirely from Bangkok for quite a long time.

Tourists feeding the carps in the river.

Famous Last Words...

Comments by John Nelson:

"I like the perspective you adopted for your picture showing down over the head of the driver, the sense of motion that is evoked by the blurred nature of the shoreline elements, and the contrast between the coloring of the boat and driver and that of the surroundings (really works to make the boat and driver visually "pop" in the image)."

From bittoriano/Jose Ramon:

"Hey Leow. Nice speed effect on the boat and beautiful memories of my trip across Thailand. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Jose."

From mikag/Michael:

"Really a great decisive moment that you've captured here. I like how you managed the motion blur effect and the use of the wide angle, we are in the action following you in your adventure. Congrats."

From et3ss/George:

"Leow, you're right at least digital gives you instant feedback and the ability to correct any errors. as far as this picture goes, there are no errors, it conveyed everything that you wanted it to. Focus, motion, lighting etc are great. You're drawn right down the canal. Would like to experience this. Great Job!!!!"

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heather said...

That must be really something to have a floating market!Imagine trying to stand up and maintain one`s balance! Nice photos.